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"The one who knows himself isn't deceived by either praise or criticism." (Yasmin Mogahed, Author)

Following are some of the positive feedback and comments I have received from various people regarding my articles, treatises, and website. These testimonials are listed in chronological order, from oldest to newest.

Typically, a testimonial addresses a specific article or report of mine about dietary supplements, politics surrounding nutritional supplements or the conventional sickness care system (propagandized as the "healthcare system" by the official corporate narrative), or is input on my e-book "The Mammogram Myth".

For what it's worth...

  • all of these testimonials are unsolicited, and
  • I obtained explicit permission by their authors to publish them here.

Where appropriate, I added in square brackets the title of the particular article, written material, or web page the testimonial is referring to for improved clarity (or usability, in case you wanted to explore that particular piece of writing).

Last but not least, what ought to be kept in mind when reading testimonials is that, according to the writer Augustus Hare (1834-1903), a recommendation, tribute, or endorsement isn't merely saying something about the individual it is directed at (or a piece of work a person has created or an achievement a person has attained) but also about the individual expressing the compliment:

"What a person praises is perhaps a surer standard, even than what he condemns, of his own character, information and abilities."

Rolf Hefti
Founder & Editor
Author of "The Mammogram Myth"

"Your tryptophan article is really good, by far the best discussion I've seen anywhere." (Ray Peat, PhD, Biologist & Author, www.raypeat.com, USA/Mexico, 17-Sept-2012)

[in reference to my article "Tryptophan Side Effects: L-Tryptophan Is Far From Harmless"]

"I have just read your long paper in response to the books of Dr. Offit, and want to thank you for your exhaustive efforts. This is clear, dedicated writing of the highest level (I was a journalist and book editor for 25 years)." (Neall Calvert, www.neallcalvert.blogspot.ca, Canada, 18-July-2013)

[in reference to my article "2 Big Lies: No Vitamin Benefits & Supplements Are Very Dangerous"]

"I commend you on your excellent piece on misinformation about vitamins presented as truths." (Dag Viljen Poleszynski, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of 'Helsemagasinet vitenskap og fornuft' (Health Magazine 'Science & Reason'), www.vof.no, Norway, 9-Aug-2013)

[in reference to 'Anti-Vitamin Publications: Misinformation Presented As Truth', published by Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, which is a highly abbreviated article based on my online article "2 Big Lies: No Vitamin Benefits & Supplements Are Very Dangerous"]

"I just purchased your book The Mammogram Myth. THANK YOU!! Excellent material that every woman needs to hear. I have never had a mammogram and have never recommended them." (Véronique Desaulniers, DC, "Dr. V", www.breastcancerconqueror.com, 29-Aug-2013)

"The intro and first chapter have me derailed from my necessary winterizing work in my orchard and out-buildings. I have felt like "a voice in the wilderness" for so long that I had nearly come to the point of thinking, "well, that is just the way it is". Years ago, before I realized I was employing orthomolecular medicine principles in my pediatric and public health practices, I saw the problem with the narrow scope of medical specialists. And now we have many examples of not seeing, or even try to see, the "whole" in other fields.

The marvelous expression of your ideas, bolstered by others (including the beloved Abram Hoffer) was most encouraging to me. "Compartmentalization", "myopic", no willingness to even listen to those on "the other side", is so powerful and persuading to a public that is no longer discerning. Repetition of half-truths or no-truths becomes a mantra that Joe Blow can't put aside. I can hardly wait to tune in to the next episode." (Ralph Campbell, MD, Pediatrician & Author, USA, 25-Oct-2013)

[in reference to my e-book "The Mammogram Myth"]

"Dear Mr. Hefti, I just came across a link to your website and I am so grateful for your wisdom. I have been reading your words for the past two hours and have no desire to stop. I am interning under Dr. Annemaria Ballin, founder of the American Academy of nutrition, and am always studying the research and news of supplementation. Your information will continue to support me on my journey of supplement education and I am SO GRATEFUL to you for providing this website. Thank you simply does not say enough." (Alisa Langevin, Certified Supplement Consultant, USA, 2-Jan-2014)

"Loved your website - and the outline for your ebook." (Bob Wright, Author & Director of the 'American Anti-Cancer Institute', www.americanaci.org, 3-Jan-2014)

[in reference to my article "Mammograms: Dangerous! Mammography Risks, Myths & Breast Cancer Facts", the executive abstract or synopsis of my digital book "The Mammogram Myth"]

“I've read your comment on Kopans's comment on BMJ's article about the Canadian mammography trial. You're a brave person on unmasking people like Kopans [Daniel Kopans, MD, Radiologist & Harvard Professor, has been a longtime leading proponent of mammograms]. Informed consent is unethical deception. A big fraud. Best regards, Ana” (Ana Rosengurtt, Computer Engineer, Human Rights Activist & Mandatory Mammography Opponent, Montevideo, Uruguay, 19-Feb-2014) [explanation added]

[in reference to my article "A Mammogram Letter The British Medical Journal Censored", specifically my first mammography letter that got published by this science journal in which I criticized Dr. Kopans regarding the statements he made in his published mammogram letter to the BMJ. Kopans never refuted my critique of his.]

"Awesome! Rolf, your thoughts and ideas are right on! Inspiring! It can sometimes be a lonely path going up against the institutional powers of our time or any time. Keep up the great work. I'm glad I found your blog. I am a Naturopathic Doctor who had some similar experiences many years ago, going up against the establishment at Yale-New Haven Hospital. You would be one very unique person who would enjoy, appreciate, and most of all, understand the experience I had as recounted in my Youtube video, "48 Hours to Live." Best regards." (Patrick Moore, ND, www.nutrascienceusa.net, 21-May-2014)

[in reference to my article "A Mammogram Letter The British Medical Journal Censored"]

"Thanks for your article on L-tryptophan. I'm on the board of directors of the National Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome Network (NEMSN). Besides documentation in published medical journals of current EMS (Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome) from current L-tryptophan use there is also documentation of current EMS from 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). Doctors in general know little or nothing about EMS so it is almost impossible to get a diagnosis. Thanks again for your article and your website." (Lois Vierk, www.nemsn.org, 9-Dec-2014)

[in reference to my article "L-Tryptophan: The Truth About The FDA Tryptophan Recall Of 1989"]

"It is very interesting and I encourage you to continue and broaden the area you cover from a point of view of safety." (Harumi Okuyama, PhD, Research Scientist, Japan, 6-May-2015)

[in reference to my article "Do Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects Boost Diabetes?"]

"I'm just becoming acquainted with your website, but I'd like to express my enormous appreciation for it and the spirit in which you've created this work. Bravo. [...]. [...] the thing that stands out for me most recently was your page discussing some of the problems with supplementing with L-tryptophan. That wasn't the first time I'd heard about hazards associated with tryptophan (they've been known for years), but I thought you did a great job of putting it all together." (Ken Stone, MD, www.slowermedicine.com, Durham, NC, USA, 8 & 12-June-2017)

[in reference to my article "Tryptophan Side Effects: L-Tryptophan Is Far From Harmless"]

“I studied a lot of your information on your website and I admire how much intensive work you have done producing such a lot of convincing and helpful articles.” (Thomas Matschurat, MD, Holistic Orthomolecular Medicine Doctor Specializing in Vitiligo Treatments, www.vitiligo-vitiligo.de [in German & English] & www.meine-gesundheit.com [in German only], Germany, 8-May-2018)

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