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    If you choose to, you could think of me as a human nutritional supplement guide. Rather than faithfully relying on popular opinions and official narratives, I make an effort to dig deeper for the actual facts, about dietary supplements and health, taking cultural perspectives, ideologies, and supplement politics into consideration (among other things).

    For example, I don't assume a priori (=without supporting evidence) that data on nutritional supplements and information on nutrition and health issues is accurate simply because it emanates from people or organizations in positions of acclaimed authority, status, and reputation. (I take Einstein's “authority warning” seriously -see the Home page for his exact quote.)

    Therefore, my information may provide you with a new way of looking at things, and possibly steer you into a different, more formative, encouraging direction. (To find out how others perceive my articles and reports see Testimonials: What Others Say About Rolf Hefti's Writings).

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